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Misinformation is a public health crisis.

Like Pollution, Misinformation can be hard to see, though it’s health impacts are tangible and toxic.

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other people who are asking government to mandate transparency from Big Tech to equip health experts with the data they need to tackle COVID-19 Misinformation.

What is the problem?

Right now COVID misinformation is polluting social media. This makes it harder to access reliable information and inform public health solutions. But we have no way to know how polluted social media is. This makes cleaning up our feeds impossible.

Only big tech are the only ones with a birds eye view

52% of Australians use Social Media as a source of news.

That’s more than half the population that might not be able to sift the pollution from the truth

Source: Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2020

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What can we do?

To clean up social media, we need to know just how polluted it is.

The first step towards cleaning up social media is understanding exactly what pollution is out there. That why we’ve developed a policy called the “Live List”. This gives public health officials, journalists, researchers, and governments access to a list of what misinformation is polluting our feeds, so that they can combat it.